Tech 14 ways to get better at using ChatGPT: Comprehensive prompt guide Facebook Email Twitter LinkedIn Copy Link Read in app Here are 14 ways you can write better ChatGPT prompts. ChatGPT has taken the world by storm — but some struggle to get the chatbot to do what they want. Insider asked AI enthusiasts how they interact with the chatbot to produce desirable outputs. Here are 14 tips for crafting the best ChatGPT prompts, from assigning it a persona to being polite. Advertisement Since launching over a year ago, ChatGPT has become seemingly omnipresent. At work, people have used the OpenAI product to develop code , generate marketing materials , and create lesson plans . It’s become so popular that companies are now hiring workers who have ChatGPT expertise to boost their bottom lines. And in their everyday lives, people are turning to the chatbot for help with losing weight , landing dates , and delaying aging. But ChatGPT doesn’t always produce desirable outcomes, and the tech can be prone to errors and misinformation. Advertisement It all comes down to the prompts users put into ChatGPT. “If you really want to generate something that is going to be useful for you, you need to do more than just write a generic sentence,” Jacqueline DeStefano-Tangorra, a consultant who uses ChatGPT to secure new contracts, told Insider . Insider sifted through AI research and asked AI enthusiasts, ChatGPT coaches, and workers who use the chatbot for tips on how to get ChatGPT to do what you want. Here are 12 ways you can write better ChatGPT prompts. 1. Assign ChatGPT a specific role ChatGPT works best when you assign it a persona — such as a specific job role — Jason Gulya, an AI council chair at Berkeley College who […]

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