27 Oldest Restaurants Across The United States

Restaurant interiors – Static Media Compared to other countries, the United States hasn’t been around for all that long. But even so, keeping a restaurant open for all of American history, or at least a big chunk of it, is no small feat. This is especially true in a world where about 80% of new restaurants fail within five years, and 60% of them don’t even make it past the first year, as reported by CNBC . In this context, knowing that there are not one, but a whopping 27 restaurants that have stayed open a good 100 years or more, becomes downright impressive. In honor of these extremely longevous eating establishments, we’ve put together a list so that you can find them if you’re ever in the neighborhood. The list was compiled based on their opening dates — some of which have been open continuously since the beginning, while others have changed hands and seen pauses in activity. In other words, this list is not necessarily a comment on the quality of the food. Nevertheless, when a restaurant can stand the test of time for centuries, it’s probably doing something right. White Horse Tavern White Horse Tavern – Wangkun Jia/Shutterstock Diners have been able to enjoy the fine food of the White Horse Tavern since 1673, when the residence, built in 1652, was converted into a restaurant. This establishment holds the distinction of being one the oldest operating restaurants in the U.S. , with a few pauses here and there. The interior, adorned with exposed beams and low ceilings, is reminiscent of the old times, and one can easily imagine it as a meeting place for influential figures of the Revolutionary War. Today, White Horse Tavern offers a menu that posits traditional dishes like beef Wellington, alongside more […]

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