No indication of terror threat on US-Canada bridge, NY governor says

There is no indication that the explosion at Rainbow Bridge between the US and Canada was a terrorist attack, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Wednesday. Two people died in the blast, she said.

Videos reviewed by authorities show the vehicle entering the bridge on the US side and then accelerating at high speed, multiple law enforcement sources told CNN.

The explosion on the eve of the US Thanksgiving holiday led to closures and delays on a busy travel day.

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From CNN’s Pete Muntean

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that it lifted the restriction that paused international arrivals and departures from Buffalo Niagara International Airport.Domestic flights were never impacted.39 min ago No indication of terrorism threat related to Rainbow Bridge explosion, FBI says From CNN’s Sabrina SouzaThere are no indications of a threat of terrorism related to the Rainbow Bridge incident Wednesday, FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Matthew Miraglia said at a news conference.Asked why he believes there isn’t a threat of terrorism, Miraglia said, “We do have someone in mind for it and we’re working through it through the JTTF,” a reference to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. “We do not have any derogatory information on this person that we’ve identified, we’re scanning his social media, there’s nothing there, we’re still running a full investigation so that’s a preliminary assessment,” Miraglia said. “We feel, at this point, this might be just something that occurred, there’s no larger picture here to look at for now.”Trini Ross, the US Attorney for the Western District of New York, echoed the assessment, saying that the preliminary investigation determined the incident “was not terrorism-related” at this stage.“But we will continue to stay vigilant,” Ross said, emphasizing people can “lower their heightened sensitivities knowing […]

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