Now That Prime Video Has Ads, the Only Good Streaming Services Left Are Niche Ones

Mainstream streaming services abandoned the promise of a streaming subscription and now only niche platforms are keeping up their end of the bargain. Lais Borges/Inverse; Photograph by Ian Carlos Campbell Streaming has never been less exciting. It’s not because of poor TV apps, or uninteresting new films or shows. We still get a seasonal hit now and then from streaming giants like Netflix or Max. No, the real problem is that it feels like the “service” part of streaming services has been cast to the wayside. Regardless of how much you pay per month, streaming services have degraded their core offering, adding ads in shows clearly designed not to have them, removing film and TV shows outright, removing features, and cracking down on account sharing . Signing up for a new streaming service is as much about preventing you from unsubscribing (“churn” in industry lingo) as it is about […]

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By Donato