OpenAI's Sam Altman and Bill Gates talk about GPT-5, AGI superintelligence, and video capabilities coming to ChatGPT in a broad interview

(Image credit: YouTube | Unconfuse Me Podcast with Bill Gates) What you need to know Sam Altman and Microsoft’s Bill Gates recently touched base and talked about everything about AI, from OpenAI’s future to achieving superintelligence. In the broad interview, Altman mentioned that the team behind ChatGPT is working toward incorporating video capabilities into the platform for the future. The company is also working on making GPT-5 better than GPT-4 and promises more accuracy, better responses and reasoning, and more. With Sam Altman back at the helm of OpenAI , more changes, improvements, and updates are on the way for the company’s AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT . Altman recently touched base with Microsoft’s Bill Gates over at his Unconfuse Me podcast and talked all things OpenAI, including the development of GPT-5, superintelligence, the company’s future, and more. The 33-minute-long interview kicks off with Bill Gates highlighting his surprise at how […]

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By Donato