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Overwatch Players Are Loving Among Us: Here’s Why

Overwatch players have been flocking to play the popular game Among Us, and the reasons why are clear. The social deduction game has captured the attention of gamers from various backgrounds and preferences. With its gripping gameplay and a focus on strategy and teamwork, Among Us has quickly become a hit among Overwatch players.

Among Us, developed by InnerSloth, was originally released in 2018 but gained popularity in 2020. The game can support 4 to 10 players, who are divided into crewmates and impostors. The crewmates must complete tasks on their spaceship while the impostors try to sabotage their efforts and eliminate them. The game’s emphasis on teamwork, communication, and deduction has resonated with Overwatch players, who are familiar with the importance of coordination and strategy in multiplayer games.

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One of the key reasons why Overwatch players are loving Among Us is the opportunity to engage in social play. Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter that requires tight coordination and communication, and Among Us offers a similar experience. Players must work together to uncover the impostors, creating an immersive and engaging social environment. This aspect of Among Us is particularly appealing to Overwatch players who enjoy the teamwork and strategy involved in multiplayer gaming.

Furthermore, the diverse gameplay mechanics of Among Us have contributed to its popularity among Overwatch players. The game presents a unique blend of social deduction, deception, and logic that challenges players to think critically and adapt to ever-changing situations. This variety of gameplay elements is reminiscent of the dynamic nature of Overwatch matches, where quick thinking and adaptability are crucial for success.

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Among Us also provides a refreshing change of pace for Overwatch players. While Overwatch is known for its fast-paced action and intense firefights, Among Us offers a more relaxed yet equally captivating experience. The game’s emphasis on strategy and social interaction allows players to unwind while still enjoying a compelling and challenging gaming experience.

As a result, many Overwatch players have embraced Among Us as a complementary game that provides a different kind of thrill and enjoyment. The cross-pollination of players between both games has created a vibrant and diverse gaming community, showcasing the appeal of Among Us to a wide range of players, including those who are deeply invested in the Overwatch universe.


Overwatch players are loving Among Us for its social play, diverse gameplay mechanics, and as a refreshing change of pace from the fast-paced action of Overwatch. The game’s emphasis on teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking has resonated with Overwatch players, creating a vibrant gaming community.

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Is Among Us free to play?

Among Us is not free to play on PC and other platforms, although it is available for a small fee on Steam and mobile app stores.

Can Among Us be played solo?

While it is possible to play solo with AI-controlled crewmates and impostors, the game is best experienced with a group of friends or online players.

Is Among Us available on consoles?

Among Us is currently available on PC, iOS, and Android, and is set to be released on consoles in the near future.


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