The Benefits And Challenges Of Personalization With Composable MarTech

Andy Kaiser is CEO & cofounder of Ninetailed , with a background in psychology, marketing, data and entrepreneurship. getty Personalization has emerged as the holy grail for marketers in the digital age, yet achieving this at scale with legacy tools has been like finding a needle in a haystack. Traditional marketing technologies often fall short, unable to bridge the gap between vast amounts of customer data and the actionable insights needed to deliver personalized experiences. For many companies, however, composable martech has changed the personalization landscape, creating new possibilities for marketers. Composable martech is the next wave in marketing technology based on modularity. Think of it as a customizable Lego set for your tech stack, letting digital teams deconstruct their tools into smaller, interchangeable parts that can be reassembled or altered as required. Understanding The Benefits Of Composable MarTech By enhancing data activation thanks to modularity, these technologies are […]

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By Donato