TikTok Is Changing the Way You Discover Music. Meet the Young Creators Driving That

“Maybe I should run, I’m only 21, I don’t even know who I want to become,” sings the woman with 4 million TikTok followers who sounds like she’s from another era entirely. She’s on stage in an industrial warehouse in Glasgow, Scotland, on a Monday night in early 2024, but it could as easily be a 1930s jazz club. A double bass player and drummer are riffing in the shadows, while in the warm haze of diffused lights, the singer’s elegant and melancholic voice washes over a crowd of girls with bows in their hair. This is exactly the kind of show I frequently attend – a female singer-songwriter, an audience of enraptured women. But Laufey (pronounced lay-vay) is a very different type of musician, a kind I’ve never seen before and might not have if it weren’t for TikTok. Now 24, the Icelandic-Chinese composer/singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has said in interviews […]

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By Donato