U.S. Proposes Ban on Imports, Exports of Banggai Cardinalfish

For Immediate Release, August 15, 2023 Contact: Dianne DuBois, Center for Biological Diversity, (413) 530-9257, ddubois@biologicaldiversity.org
Marjorie Fishman, Animal Welfare Institute, (202) 446-2128, margie@awionline.org
Hawk Hammer, Defenders of Wildlife, (202) 772-0295, hhammer@defenders.org Threatened by Aquarium Trade, Indonesian Fish Has Declined up to 90%

WASHINGTON— NOAA Fisheries has announced a proposed rule to ban the import and export of threatened Banggai cardinalfish , following a 2021 petition from conservation groups.“Far too many of these gorgeous little fish have been netted from Indonesia’s wild reefs for tanks in the United States,” said Dianne DuBois, a staff scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity. […]

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By Donato