ChatGPT-maker OpenAI hosts its 1st big tech showcase as the AI startup faces growing competition

Sam Altman, left, CEO of OpenAI, appears onstage with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at OpenAI DevDay, OpenAI’s first developer conference on Monday in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Barbara Ortutay) SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Less than a year into its meteoric rise, the company behind ChatGPT unveiled the future it has in mind for its artificial intelligence technology on Monday as it launched a new line of chatbot products that can be customized to a variety of tasks. What You Need To Know The company unveiled a new version called GPT-4 Turbo that is “more capable” and can retrieve information about world and cultural events as recent as April 2023 It also touted a new version of its AI model called GPT-4 with vision, or GPT-4V, that enables the chatbot to analyze images OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said ChatGPT has more than 100 million weekly active users and 2 million developers, […]

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By Donato