OpenAI shows off new ChatGPT tools with no plans of slowing down

OpenAI held its first developer conference last night, where it presented new and powerful tools for its popular product ChatGPT. But it mainly sent a clear and unambiguous message to investors and colleagues that it intends to continue establishing itself as the central platform for everything related to generative chatbots, without leaving much room for competing companies and products On Monday the OpenAI company held its first developer conference, OpenAI DevDay, where it presented a series of developments intended to place it at the head of the artificial intelligence development race. Among other things, each user has the option to build their own customized version of the company’s popular chatbot — ChatGPT, which they can even sell in a dedicated app store. The company’s CEO Sam Altman presented the various developments at the conference in front of about 900 developers, just a year after they launched the service that […]

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By Donato