I'm Only Writing About Palworld Because You Made Me

Palworld is out and it’s already a huge hit! The so-called “ Pokemon with guns” has taken the world by storm. Fans are obsessed, with over nine million copies sold and countless players streaming it online. The game isn’t just a wakeup call for Nintendo , it’s a wakeup call for all developers that existing concepts can be played with, expanded, and molded. And it’s definitely a wakeup call for video game opinion writers that need you to click on my articles if I’m going to keep having this job. Palworld isn’t without controversy. Right now, players are split on the art direction and originality of the game. While there’s no denying it’s heavily influenced by Pokemon’s aesthetics, according to posts with a lot of engagement, there’s no direct proof Palworld used AI to copy designs . The accusation that Palworld plagiarized from Pokemon is complicated and would take […]

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By Donato