Video gamers demonstrate superior bronchoscopy skills among beginners

Masafumi Shimoda , Yoshiaki Tanaka , Kozo Morimoto , Kozo Yoshimori & Ken Ohta Abstract While previous research has explored the connection between video gaming and medical procedures, studies on the connection between video gaming and bronchoscopy techniques are lacking. This study aimed to investigate how video gaming experience influences bronchoscopy skills, particularly among beginners. This study was conducted at Fukujuji Hospital from January 2021 to October 2023. Twenty-three participants were assigned to the inexperienced group, and eighteen participants were assigned to the experienced group. The observational time during bronchoscopy, measured using a simulator, and the playing time of SPLATOON 2 (NINTENDO Co. Ltd., Japan) were analyzed. Video gaming skills were assessed based on game completion time, with shorter times indicating faster task completion. Participants were also divided into gamer and nongamer subgroups for further comparisons. A moderate linear relationship existed between bronchoscopic observation time and game completion time […]

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By Donato