OpenAI Wants Everyone to Build Their Own Version of ChatGPT

Illustration: OsakaWayne Studios/Getty Images OpenAI’s ChatGPT became a phenomenon thanks to its wide-ranging abilities, such as drafting college essays , writing working computer programs , and digging up information from across the web . Now the company aims to further widen the range of tricks up ChatGPT’s sleeve by making it possible for anyone to build a custom chatbot powered by the technology—without any coding skills. OpenAI suggests people might want to build custom bots to help with specific problems or interests in their life, such as helping someone learn the rules of a board game, teach their kids math, or help design stickers using AI-generated art. To create one of these custom bots or AI agents , which OpenAI calls “GPTs,” a user need only specify, by talking with ChatGPT, what they would like the bot to do. Behind the scenes, ChatGPT will write the code needed to […]

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By Donato