19 Innovative Ways For Job Seekers To Stand Out In 2024

Photo of candidates waiting for a job interview. In a competitive and uncertain market, job seekers face the challenging task of standing out from the crowd of other qualified candidates. Many professionals today are looking for new, innovative ways to capture the attention of prospective employers in the hopes of landing a coveted role. If you’re looking for your next professional opportunity, don’t let your application slip to the bottom of the pile. To get noticed by the right people as you hunt for a new role this year, check out the creative approaches 19 members of Forbes Coaches Council share below. 1. Start A Professional Podcast Create a professional podcast series where you discuss industry trends, share insights and interview key players. This showcases your expertise and also establishes you as a thought leader. Promote the podcast on relevant platforms and include it in your job applications. It’s a unique way to demonstrate your skills, network with professionals and leave an impression on potential employers. – Temitope Olukunle , Outnovately Africa 2. Become An Expert On The Company Become an expert sleuth who is authentic and memorable. Become curious. People like interesting individuals who ask intriguing questions. Become an expert on the company you want to work for and the target people you should meet. Go in armed with insights they want to hear about how your personal attributes, skills and expertise can contribute to their company to solve problems and help it grow. – Jill Tipograph , Tipograph Careers 3. Keep Your Professional Branding Consistent Make sure every channel of your professional brand tells one story, so it’s clear when someone lands on your profile or content that you are seen as a thought leader in your space. Be active on LinkedIn. Post original content that showcases […]

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