A definitive ranking of the top 30 video games of all time

No compatible source was found for this media. For many people, being able to name the best video game of all time can be challenging. Everyone plays different genres and consoles, and the library of games makes it nearly impossible to identify a favorite, let alone a game that can be considered the best . But here at For the Win , we like a challenge. A talented group of writers and I will eventually bring you our picks for the best PlayStation 3 or sports games, but first, we put our heads together to get you FTW’s official Top 30 games of all time. Each contributor ranked his top 25 games, and the total scores were tallied golf style, with the total number of nominations breaking the tie. Read on to see which game took the top spot! 30. Grand Theft Auto 5 Nominations: one High ranking: five […]

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By Donato