America needs more immigrants getting the job done

“They’re coming from … all over the world,” thundered Donald Trump in a recent radio interview. “They’re poisoning the blood of our country.” Trump got it exactly wrong. Yes, immigrants are “coming from … all over the world” to the U.S., but there are not enough of them. Foreigners don’t endanger the American bloodstream, they enrich it. We should be expanding the number of newcomers we let into the country, not reducing it. And this is not a matter of charity or morality, although morality matters. It is in our own national interest. As the grandson of immigrants from what are today Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, I am prejudiced on the subject, but the evidence is overwhelmingly clear: “America needs immigrants to solve its labor shortage,” headlines CNN. “Rebound in immigration comes to economy’s aid,” reports The Wall Street Journal. “There is no question: We need more immigration,” Adam Ozimek, chief economist at the Economic Innovation Group, a nonpartisan business organization, told the Post. “Immigrants aren’t just workers, they are particularly flexible, mobile workers, who help address acute labor shortages wherever they emerge. And that’s particularly important in this constrained economy we’re facing right now.” “Immigrants in America are nearly twice as likely to start a company as the native-born and four times likelier to win a Nobel science prize,” writes The Economist. “Less-skilled migrants fill gaps in aging labor forces and free up locals for more productive tasks (for example, when a foreign nanny enables two parents to work full-time).” This is not to minimize the crisis on the Southern border, where even many progressives agree the Biden administration has been slow and sluggish in responding to the current flood of illegal immigrants. “We all know there’s a problem at the border,” admitted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. […]

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By Donato