Benjamin Netanyahu is openly defying the US - and they want him gone

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Pic: AP) The gulf between the US and the Israeli government visions for “the day after” in Gaza seems to be widening by the day. In his Saturday news conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed, again, a two-state solution and insisted Israel will have enduring security control in Gaza. In doing so, he undermined the alliance through which America is backing Israel’s military operation in Gaza. The Biden administration has repeatedly defined its backing of Israel as being to support its right to self-defence by eradicating Hamas in order to establish a viable pathway to two states. Follow latest: Three Israeli hostages killed mistakenly by IDF Contradictions over ‘the day after’ America’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has just left Israel where we are told he reiterated America’s desire for a Palestinian/Arab-led security structure in Gaza when the war is over, and for the establishment of a “two-state solution” soon thereafter. More on Hamas Israeli PM speaks of ‘unbearable tragedy’ after three hostages killed by IDF in Gaza ‘Hamas members’ arrested over plans to attack Jewish sites in Europe Israel-Hamas war: Ambassador says Israel will not accept two-state solution Mr Sullivan talked of a Palestinian-led “nucleus” for the security question in Gaza and even discussed West Bank-based Palestinian units that could have a key role. A senior US administration official said late on Thursday night after Sullivan’s meeting with Netanyahu: “There are a number of security personnel linked to the Palestinian Authority, which we think might be able to provide some sort of a nucleus in the many months following the overall military campaign, but this is something we are discussing with the Palestinians and with the Israelis, and with regional partners…” Signs of US-Israel rift over Gaza 2:36 The official also insisted […]

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By Donato