Britain and US launch air strikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen – latest updates

The Royal Air Force has launched targeted strikes against military facilities used by Houthi rebels in Yemen, with Rishi Sunak saying the UK will “always stand up for freedom of navigation and the free flow of trade”. UK aircraft and Royal Navy ships are involved in the operation, approved by Cabinet ministers in an emergency joint call. The Prime Minister said British forces participated in joint attacks with the US that are “targeted strikes against military facilities” and he stressed that the action taken was “limited, necessary and proportionate… in self-defence”. The US Air Force sad American and British forces struck more than 60 targets in 16 locations. Huthi television channel Al-Massirah said the air strikes hit the capital Sanaa as well as the cities of Hodeida and Saada. Iran and Hezbollah condemned the attack, while a Houthi spokesperson said the group would continue targeting ships heading towards Israel. The decision to strike the Yemeni rebels follows a day of frenetic behind-the-scenes activity in Whitehall , including an emergency Cobra meeting of senior ministers and a gathering of the National Security Council. Follow the latest updates below. 5:42AM More than 60 targets hit: US Air Force At least 60 targets across 16 locations in Yemen were hit during the night, according to a senior US Air Force commander. ‘‘Over 100 precision-guided munitions of various types were used in the strikes,’’ said Lieutenant General Alex Grynkewich, who oversees operations in the Middle East. ‘‘These strikes were comprised of coalition air and maritime strike and support assets from across the region.’’ He added: ‘‘We remain committed to our critical partners throughout the Middle East to defend against Iranian-backed Militia Groups, including Houthi militants, and the threat they pose to regional security and stability.” 5:29AM ‘Civilians were not targeted’ A senior military […]

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