COMAMC: “We Will Not Go Back” AMC’s Top 23 of ’23

Last year, I released The Mobility Manifesto , which asked our Airmen to go faster – Expect and Demand Victory! You responded…and much more! In fact, I am overwhelmed by the response of our Total Force. You showed the world courage, tenacity, and an aggressive will to win. The command showcased to our adversaries the Joint Force maneuver at speed, breadth, and depth. The Joint Force exudes strength because of you. Your skills as warriors, leaders, and innovators are unmatched. Your actions spoke loud and clear. You are the magic, and it is an honor to lead this incredible team. Now, with 2023 soon behind us, we must debrief and celebrate our victories as we prepare to go even faster, create irreversible momentum, and cement a Warfighter’s mindset. Without further ado, my top 23 of ‘23… #1 Mobility Guardian 23 – The Proving Ground You broke the myth that the Pacific was too big, too far, and too vast. Our Allies are in step, and our potential adversaries are on notice. Mobility Guardian 23 , the largest iteration of the Air Force’s premier multinational mobility exercise to date, saw 70 mobility aircraft and 3,000 participants from Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States surge across 13 million square miles in the Indo-Pacific region. The goal: validate identified capability gaps, experiment with new tactics, techniques and procedures, and expand comfort with risk at the unit level. Refuel tanks with C-130s. Determine how long crews can fly under the safe conditions of peacetime operations. Air drop supplies to a U.S. Navy submarine. Rapidly shift Contingency Response forces from the opposite side of the planet. Sustain forces in theater to show adversary the U.S. can play an away game and the long game. #2 Mobility Global […]

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By Donato