DOD Releases First Defense Industrial Strategy

The Defense Department today released its first strategy for ensuring that the U.S. defense industrial base meets the demands of a challenging national security landscape well into the future. The 59-page National Defense Industrial Strategy lays out long-term priorities that will guide DOD actions and resource prioritization with the aim of creating a modern, resilient defense industrial ecosystem designed to deter U.S. adversaries and meet the production demands posed by evolving threats. “We are implementing the National Defense Industrial Strategy now to ensure that our defense industrial base continues to both strengthen our national security here at home while reassuring and supporting allies and partners,” said Laura D. Taylor-Kale, assistant secretary of defense for industrial base policy, in unveiling the strategy from the Pentagon. Two smiling women wearing business attire sit at a table with the Pentagon seal behind them. Taylor-Kale underscored the urgent need to shore up the defense industrial base as U.S. adversaries build up their military power to levels not seen since World War II . She noted China’s increasing threat to upend existing international order. She also highlighted the United States’ continued support for Ukraine as it defends itself from Russian aggression and for Israel in its fight against Hamas. Spotlight: Support for Ukraine The defense industrial base must continue to meet present demands, while at the same time remaining capable of adapting to future conflicts. “This arsenal of democracy helped win both world wars and the Cold War,” Taylor-Kale said. “And long into the future, it can and must provide that same enduring advantage in support of integrated deterrence.” The strategy focuses on four key areas critical to building a modernized defense industrial ecosystem over the next three to five years. Those areas include resilient supply chains, workforce readiness flexible acquisition and economic deterrence. […]

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By Donato