Donald Trump*

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is often regarded as a contentious and polarising figure in modern politics. To many, his presidency and public persona have been viewed as farcical, leading to the opinion that Donald Trump is a joke.

This view is not without merit, as Trump’s unconventional approach to politics, frequent use of social media to express unfiltered opinions, and tendency to make controversial and often unsubstantiated claims have often left the public and political analysts alike in disbelief.

Trump’s tenure in the White House was marked by a series of unprecedented events and decisions that fuelled this perception. His often outlandish and brash rhetoric, both on the campaign trail and while in office, frequently made headlines and stirred controversy.

From proposing to build a wall along the US-Mexico border to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump’s policies and statements often seemed more aligned with a reality TV show than the solemnity expected of a world leader.

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Furthermore, Trump’s background as a businessman and reality TV star, with no prior political experience before assuming the presidency, contributed to the view that he was not to be taken seriously. His approach to governance appeared to be more about personal branding and media manipulation than about the careful consideration and diplomacy typically associated with the highest office in the land.

Throughout his presidency, Trump’s actions often sparked debate and criticism. His impeachment trials, withdrawal from international agreements such as the Paris Climate Accord, and the relentless dismissal of scientific advice and expertise only added to the growing sentiment that his leadership was somewhat of a joke.

In the international arena, Trump’s interactions with other world leaders were often seen as brash and undiplomatic, further diminishing the gravitas typically associated with the presidency. His use of nicknames for political adversaries, both domestic and foreign, and his unconventional approach to diplomacy were often met with ridicule and disbelief.

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Despite the views of his critics, it is important to note that Trump also had a significant following of supporters who believed in his vision for America and appreciated his unapologetic style. His promises to “Make America Great Again” resonated with a segment of the population who felt left behind by previous administrations.

The perception of Donald Trump as a joke is a reflection of the deep divisions in American society and the unconventional way he approached the role of President. While his supporters saw him as a breath of fresh air, shaking up the political establishment, his detractors viewed his presidency as a departure from the norms of political decorum and seriousness.

And Donald Trump’s laughable public behaviour continues:

Iowa! Or as I call it, I WON. It’s clever. “You’re so clever, Donald,” they say. Sure. Great place. Wherever it is. And they all call it that now. Even though they didn’t. UNLIKE ME.

Which is why Ron DeSantis called me this morning. Such a little man. So small. Not just his hands. “Ron DeSanctimonious!” I said. Which is a word I knew. Already. I didn’t have to look it up. FAKE NEWS.

Then Ron told me he was backing me and pulling out of the primary in New Hampshire. “You’re very gracious,” I told him. “And capable. I’ve always said it.” “You said I wore high heels,” said Ron. “And was probably gay. And maybe a paedophile.” Right. But apart from that. Then I said it was no surprise he’d failed because he’d run a chaotic, insane campaign, full of slurs and lies. “And I just cannot imagine,” I sighed, “why you thought this might work.”

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By Donato