China vows never rest on the achieved, ready for a long way ahead Chinese astronauts talk with Beijing, HK and Macao youths from space RCEP free trade agreement comes into force Editor’s note: The video column does what the name says – take note of ideas that may make people uncomfortable. By taking notes and breaking down various opinions, we try to provide an alternative line of thinking that will hopefully generate deeper discussions. This is the third episode of a three-episode end-of-the-year review series.

"We’re through the mountain pass, on a precipice from which you can look in […]

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SCIO briefs media on white paper on Hong Kong’s democratic progress China’s industrial profits growth slows to 9% year on year in November Christmas travel in U.S.: Omicron grounds flights, hits cruise ships The U.S.’s China policy in 2021 is a Cold War strategy with realistic tactics. Joe Biden sees it as "Democracy vs. Authoritarianism." This outdated thinking turns engagement into one-sided lecturing by the U.S. How the U.S. would be able to realize that it doesn’t have a blanket superiority is what we need to take note of in 2022.

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By Donato