How to Reboot a Video Game Icon

Few video game protagonists carry a legacy as rich and complicated as Lara Croft , a name synonymous with the action-adventure and platformer genre that Tomb Raider helped popularize in 1999. On the one hand, Lara’s exploits as an archaeologist and treasure hunter are nothing short of legendary. On the other, Lara evokes complex discourse about the problematic lens of the male gaze, an aspect that is unfortunately ingrained into her history and evolution. But despite all that baggage, in the early 2010s, one game found a way to reinvent this iconic character in the best way possible. Developed by Crystal Dynamics , the Tomb Raider reboot is the first arc of the Survivor trilogy that etches Lara’s origins and mythos, reimagined from a fresh, enthralling perspective. This iteration of Lara is not the coolly-confident tomb raider/swashbuckler fans know and love. Instead, she’s a younger, inexperienced explorer thrust into […]

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By Donato