Israeli ambassador to U.S. discusses strategy, war tactics and future of Gaza

As the Israel-Hamas war approaches the three-month mark, there are my questions about Israel’s strategy and tactics and what the future of Gaza may look like. Amna Nawaz discussed that with Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Herzog, who is also a retired IDF brigadier general. Read the Full Transcript Notice: Transcripts are machine and human generated and lightly edited for accuracy. They may contain errors. Amna Nawaz: The Israel-Hamas war is approaching the three month mark. To help explain what Israeli strategy and tactics are, and what the future of Gaza may look like, I’m joined now by the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Michael Herzog. He is a retired brigadier general in the Israel Defense Force. Mr. Ambassador, welcome to the “NewsHour.” Thank you for joining us. Michael Herzog, Israeli Ambassador to the United States: Good evening, Amna. Thank you. Amna Nawaz: So, as we mentioned, the war is now heading toward that three-month mark. We know the stated goal of Israel here is to eradicate Hamas and ensure the horrors of October 7 never happen again. Can you update us on where you are on meeting that goal? How much of Hamas have you eliminated? Michael Herzog: First, our goal is twofold. It is to defeat Hamas, to remove the threat of Hamas in Gaza, which means to dismantle their military infrastructure, their military capabilities, and to dismantle their government capabilities that built these military capabilities and operated them on October 7. Our second goal is to release all of our hostages. We still have close to 130 hostages, including, by the way, Americans. And we will do everything possible in order to release our hostages and bring them back home. We are advancing our military operation in Gaza. We are operating in both […]

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