Kemi Badenoch has met none of the leading LGBTQ+ organisations in the UK

Kemi Badenoch is credited with telling the government to cut ties with Stonewall. (Getty) Kemi Badenoch has not had meetings with any of the UK’s largest LGBTQ+ organisations since she became minister for women and equalities, despite claiming to have engaged “extensively” with them. She made the claim in the House of Commons on Wednesday (6 December) as she laid out plans to prevent people who have received a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) in countries where self-ID is already a reality, from having their gender legally recognised in the UK. Badenoch told MPs that she has put together an “updated” list of countries that allow trans people to self-identify, with a goal of stopping people who obtained a GRC in those countries having it recognised in the UK. Defending her position, the minister said: “We have engaged with numerous LGBT groups but the fact of the matter is that many of them support self-ID. That is not this government’s policy. “Stonewall does not decide the law in this country. Whatever it is that people want to campaign on, we will listen and we will hear, but we have been very clear about this… and this is something that we are not budging on and we are updating the law in accordance with government policy and we will continue to do so.” Kemi Badenoch claimed she had had meetings with the country’s major LGBTQ+ organisations but many of them deny this. (Getty) It remains unclear exactly which LGBTQ+ organisations Badenoch, or equalities office staff, have met. PinkNews asked the equalities office on Thursday (7 December) for a comprehensive list of all the LGBTQ+ organisations Badenoch had met, but no response had been received at the time of publishing. You may like to watch However, PinkNews can confirm that Badenoch has […]

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