Frozen waffles on National Waffle Day…

(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) Time to search the back of your freezer for the iconic frozen breakfast. National Waffle Day 2023 is slated for August 24. The cake treat has numerous well-known brands in the United States . Of those, here’s the full list of the highest-selling frozen waffle brands, according to Statista : 9. Annie’s

(Annie’s) Sales (2022): $1.05 million 8. Birch Benders (Birch Benders) Sales: $1.9 million 7. Hungry Jack (Hungry Jack) Sales: $1.99 million 6. Kashi Sales: $2.62 million 5. Nature’s Path Sales: $2.98 million 4. Van’s Sales: $9.79 […]

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By Donato