Newly Launched GPT Store Warily Has ChatGPT-Powered Mental Health AI Chatbots That Range From Mindfully Serious To Disconcertingly Wacko

A proliferation of mental health therapy AI-powered chatbots is upon us and going to assuredly … [+] In today’s column, I will examine closely the recent launch of the OpenAI ChatGPT online GPT store that allows users to post GPTs or chatbots for ready use by others, including and somewhat alarmingly a spate of such chatbots intended for mental health advisory purposes. This is yet another addition to my ongoing series about the many ways that generative AI is making an impact in mental health therapy guidance. The launch of the GPT Store is a momentously disconcerting occasion in the mental health context as it is going to have a profound impact on making readily available mental health chatbots aplenty and does so in a fashion that proffers few strident controls. A Wild West that was already underway has been regrettably exponentially elevated. Is this going to be handy for humanity or will we find ourselves amid a mental health chatbot boondoggle that falsely provides chatbot-dispensed mental health advice of dubious value or outright endangerment? And all of this is done at a low cost and on a massively large scale. We are just at the tip of the iceberg. The Titanic is slowly inching its way toward potential disaster. Few realize that danger exists. Few too are on the lookout. Serious questions abound. Background Of The GPT Store And Mental Health Chatbot Bonanza Here’s the mainstay of what I will be delving into during this discussion. As I had previously discussed, see the link here , the AI maker OpenAI had months ago indicated that an online GPT Store would be eventually made available so that users of ChatGPT could potentially post their devised chatbots. MORE FROMFORBES ADVISOR Best High-Yield Savings Accounts Of September 2023 ByKevin PayneContributor Best […]

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By Donato