News Wrap: Winter storm lashes northeastern U.S.

In our news wrap Tuesday, a destructive winter storm claimed five lives, Chris Christie has dropped out of the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump will not make his own closing arguments at his civil fraud trial in New York, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy headed to the Baltic states hunting for help to shore up air defenses and Alabama football coach Nick Saban is retiring. Read the Full Transcript Notice: Transcripts are machine and human generated and lightly edited for accuracy. They may contain errors. Amna Nawaz: In the day’s other headlines: Nearly all corners of the country face the fallout from winter storms that brought floods, blizzards and tornadoes. Tuesday’s destructive weather lasted into today and claimed five lives. Ali Rogin has our report. Ali Rogin: Waves crashing into the streets of towns in coastal Maine and parts of Connecticut submerged. An unrelenting wind and rainstorm pummeled the Northeast today. Areas of the mid-Atlantic were still underwater after the same storm walloped the region yesterday. It dumped three inches of rain in some places. Water leaked into New York City area train stations, turning this Hoboken railway into a river. In Maryland, emergency responders had to rescue passengers from submerged cars this morning. In total, yesterday’s storms knocked out power to hundreds of thousands across more than a dozen states. Farther south, the storms were deadly. Suspected tornadoes in North Carolina and Alabama killed two women when their homes were struck. In Northern Florida, suspected tornadoes also left trails of destruction. A whole house was knocked over in Panama City on the Panhandle. By the water, apparent twisters flipped boats and tore a marina to shreds. Richard Brantley, Bayou George, Florida, Resident: I started hearing the wind pick up really strong. Ali Rogin: Richard Brantley said a tornado blasted his […]

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