Solar Farms: Changing how we power the UK

image: @Nikada | iStock Grant Folley, Head of Origination & Planning at EDF Renewables UK, focuses on solar, which he argues is changing how we power the UK Solar power is becoming increasingly important in the United Kingdom as the country looks to scale up its homegrown energy production. The recent impact of the Ukraine war and the rising cost of living have highlighted the need for the UK to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, which are subject to volatile price fluctuations. The United Kingdom has seen substantial growth in solar photovoltaic installations over the last few years, with 2023 reaching record numbers not seen since 2011, during the height of Feed-in-Tariffs. During summer, solar accounts for over 25% of demand, during peak output, and this only set to grow in the coming years. Decentralising our energy system The UK’s energy landscape is undergoing a significant transition away from the historical reliance on a fairly small number of large gas and coal power stations. Instead, renewable energy generated from solar, wind, and other technologies is increasingly powering British homes and businesses. This renewable generation will be much more evenly distributed, with solar or wind located within most regions. Several key drivers are propelling this transition. Renewable costs have fallen dramatically, and government policies are pushing for a shift towards low- carbon energy sources to meet the UK’s binding climate change targets. Local councils are setting their own action plans to contribute to sustainability and energy security. This decentralised approach to energy production offers numerous advantages. By relying on power stations of various sizes rather than a few large plants, the UK’s energy system becomes more resilient against supply disruptions. Home and business owners can become energy producers by installing solar panels, contributing to the overall energy supply. This […]

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