Swedish Influencer Bianca Ingrosso Introduces Her Makeup Brand, Caia Cosmetics, to the United States

To Bianca Ingrosso , Caia isn’t just a company: it’s her alter ego. “We all have a role model that you look up to, and I’ve never really had that,” Ingrosso told WWD. “I’ve always looked up to the best version of myself. You always need one person in your life to believe in you. So I made that person up.” Caia, she says, is bold, fearless and hardworking. “Everyone has their own inner Caia,” she added. “She’s that little angel on your shoulder that talks to you in very positive ways.” More from WWD The Best Products We Tested From Alix Earle’s Makeup Routine The Best Influencer Beauty Brands to Know EXCLUSIVE: Khloé Kardashian to Create Fragrances With Luxe Brands Ingrosso poses for Caia’s 2023 Advent calendar campaign. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram and nearly 450,000 on TikTok, Ingrosso is one of Sweden’s biggest influencers. She cofounded Caia Cosmetics alongside her business partner Vanessa Lindblad and seasoned beauty entrepreneurs Mikael Snabb and Jesper Matsch in 2018. “I felt that there was a gap [in the beauty market],” Ingrosso explained. “There were so many dry powders and colorful pigmented products, but nothing that really kept you looking hydrated with a natural, healthy glow — like yourself, but elevated.” Caia has since expanded from selling only makeup products to offering hair care, skin care and fragrance. After starting out in Sweden, the company successfully launched throughout Scandinavia and in other European nations like Germany and the United Kingdom. The United States is Caia’s latest frontier. Despite an already crowded market, the beauty industry is projected to amass $716 billion worldwide by 2025, up from $625 billion today, according to a report by Grand View Research. In the U.S., cosmetics sales are dominated in part by celebrities including […]

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