CNN — As Donald Trump wages a Supreme Court battle to stay on state presidential ballots, a potent contingent of the conservative legal world has united behind him. His new principal attorney for the case, Jonathan Mitchell, is a former Supreme Court clerk connected to the right-wing elite who devised the 2021 Texas abortion ban that helped lead to reversal of the Roe v. Wade l andmark decision. The Texas law, which included a shrewd mechanism impeding judicial review, prompted liberal Justice Elena Kagan to refer disparagingly to its masterminds as “some geniuses.” Also backing Trump, with “friend of the court” briefs, are the Republican National Committee and GOP establishment forces, similarly represented by elite appellate advocates who’ve worked for the justices and speak their language. They include former Trump Solicitor General Noel Francisco , George W. Bush-era legal adviser John Yoo and other ex-clerks of conservative Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. The leading Republican presidential candidate appears to be benefitting from ideological kinship, and perhaps personal loyalty, in the case that arose in Colorado but will have nationwide implications for the November general election . The new filings in the case of Trump v. Anderson also reinforce the tight world of Supreme Court lawyering . From the start, the Colorado voters trying to keep Trump off the ballot, and who won at the state Supreme Court level , have been represented by former US Supreme Court clerks who’ve become prominent advocates. The arguments tied to an anti-insurrectionist safeguard in the Constitution are scheduled for February 8 and bound to be hard fought and high energy. Given the GOP-appointed conservative dominance of the bench, the Trump side could find more allies in the give-and-take. Related article Takeaways from Donald Trump’s testimony at the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial […]

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By Donato