The Greatest Job In Sports Is Available Now: Apply Here

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO -Casey Wasserman, Chair of LA28 and the Wasserman Media Group, at the Allen & … [+] If you can orchestrate 10 Super Bowls in 10 days and move 17 million tickets over 2 ½ weeks generating roughly $1 million per day in ticket sales totaling about $1.9 billion in revenue, please apply. You must be capable of presiding over sponsorship and commercial activities with a target of $2.5 billion as part of a final revenue goal of $6.9 billion. And one more thing, all of this is happening in Los Angeles, the creative capital of the world and a place where it is difficult to exceed expectations and keep happy a particularly fickle community. The job is CEO of LA28 is now open following Kathy Carter’s announcement that she would step down. Apply here . Also hanging over the head of LA28 is that the last Olympics in Los Angeles has taken on mythical proportions. The 1984 Games were presided over by the legendary Peter Ueberroth, who ushered in the blueprint for the modern Olympics anchored in new forms of commercialization and flawless operations. The 1984 Games walked away with a $225 million profit which was deployed charitably through its LA84 foundation to serve the youth education and sports initiatives in Los Angeles. So anything that is done by LA28 will be measured against the uncontroverted success of LA84. But therein Lies the Opportunity. UNITED STATES – JULY 28: Opening Ceremony: 1984 Summer Olympics, Overall view of USA Rafer Johnson … [+] Enter Casey Wasserman Casey Wasserman is the Chairman of LA28 and the one chiefly responsible for Los Angeles’ successful Olympic bid. He traveled the world tirelessly to secure the Games for Los Angeles. I remember in 2016 sitting at a dinner table with Wasserman […]

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