Trump marches toward GOP nomination: Donald Trump remains on the offensive after dominant wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, slamming GOP rival Nikki Haley for not dropping out of the Republican primary contests and declaring her an “enemy,” according to sources. Haley holding out: Haley has struck a defiant tone and brushed off a since-withdrawn draft resolution from the Republican National Committee that would have named Trump the presumptive nominee. But any path to victory for Haley remains unclear — and some major GOP donors are turning to other races. Biden prepares for possible Trump rematch: President Joe Biden’s campaign has made clear it views the GOP primary race as all but over – and Biden has started taunting Trump in hopes of pushing him off message before the general election. Trump juggles campaign and courtroom: Meanwhile, Trump was back in court Friday for the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial against him. He has made his multiple legal challenges a key part of his campaign message. All Analysis Biden Catch Up Haley Trump 11 Posts Sort byLatestLatestLatestOldestOldest 35 min ago Trump will meet with Teamsters union leaders and members next week as he pushes for their support From CNN’s Kristen Holmes Former President Donald Trump will meet with Teamsters labor union members and leadership next Wednesday for a “Rank and File Presidential Round Table” in Washington, DC. President Joe Biden was also invited to speak the same day, according to a news release on the Teamsters website. Trump also met with the head of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union earlier this month at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. Why it matters: Trump has made appealing to union voters — a traditionally Democratic voting bloc — a key part of his political strategy, targeting disaffected voters in parts of the […]

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