These will be the hottest jobs in European tech in 2024

More money, better benefits, greater flexibility to work when and where they like: Europe’s tech workers, in tandem with their global counterparts, have a laundry list of demands going into 2024. A recent Gallup poll found that “blenders,” aka those who prefer a job where work and life are more blended throughout the day, make up 55% of the professional workforce. So when it comes to the hottest roles in tech next year, first and foremost—especially for knowledge workers who aren’t people managers and who are engaged in deep technical work such as coding—jobs where remote or fully flexible options are on offer will be top of the most-wanted list. After a year of uncertainty and upheaval in the European tech industry, where, according to HR tech firm Ravio, startups cut hiring by 30-50% this year, and pay increases are down by almost 50% compared to 2022, what workers also want is some optimism around their futures. Next year? A hot job is a secure job. The <3 of EU tech The latest rumblings from the EU tech scene, a story from our wise ol' founder Boris, and some questionable AI art. It's free, every week, in your inbox. Sign up now! I agree to TNW storing and processing my personal data to receive the requested newsletter(s). For more information check out TNW's Privacy Policy . * Additionally, the report found that over the next 12 months, European workers will place a premium on benefits. Their top five include private health insurance (54%), cycle-to-work schemes, and home office allowances (both 51%), with professional development funds (45%) and mental health service subscriptions (44%) rounding out the list of most-wanted. While great perks and benefits have long been a part of a wider tech remuneration package, it’s clear that when it [...]

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By Donato