Turkey banned UK-given warships to Ukraine from entering Black Sea

Polish international conflict news outlet, WarNewsPL, has reported via Twitter that the UK minesweepers provided to Ukraine are unable to make their way into the Black Sea. According to them, Turkey has imposed restrictions preventing these warships from entering the waterway via the Bosphorus Straits. Turcja poinformowała swoich sojuszników, że nie przepuści przez kontrolowane przez siebie cieśniny trałowców podarowanych Ukrainie przez Wielką Brytanię – administracja Erdogana. „Tak długo, jak trwać będzie wojna, nie pozwolimy na przepływ okrętów wojennych na Morze… pic.twitter.com/i4RuGILtlL Crash involving a UK nuke-sub was averted at the last moment F-16s flown by 14 Ukrainian pilots fly over Scandinavian Europe Turkish sea drone sank a ship with a hull length of 69 meters “Turkey has notified its allies that it will not grant passage to the minesweepers that Britain donated to Ukraine, through the straits under Erdogan administration control,” states the Polish Twitter post. An extracted quote from the Turkish statement continues, “While the conflict persists, we will not facilitate the entrance of warships to the Black Sea via the Turkish Straits.” Decision made in December In December 2023, the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy decided to assign two of their minesweepers to Ukraine to augment its seafaring capabilities, according to a statement from the UK Defense Ministry. UK’s Defence Secretary Grant Shapps stated that the warships were intended to “reopen crucial export routes” that had been hindered ever since Russia initiated its invasion of Ukraine. Appearing on BBC One’s Breakfast, Shapps conveyed that these vessels would be instrumental in clearing out mines from the Black Sea, thus enhancing the fight against these obstacles. He also indicated that this move signaled an essential step in aiding Ukraine to develop a competent navy for the future, capable of safeguarding the country. Photo credit: Twitter Montreux Convention In December, the […]

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