U.S. declines to vote on UN resolution to send aid to Gaza

NPR’s Ayesha Rascoe speaks to Matt Duss, vice president at the Center for International Policy, about the latest UN resolution on aid to Gaza. AYESHA RASCOE, HOST: And for more on that U.N. resolution, we’re joined now by Matt Duss, who has been following the developments. He’s vice president at the Center for International Policy. Previously, he advised independent Senator Bernie Sanders on foreign policy. Welcome to the show. MATT DUSS: Thank you very much. RASCOE: Can you give us a thumbnail of what this resolution might accomplish? DUSS: Well, the resolution hopefully will to the increase in the amount of humanitarian aid getting into Gaza to deal with the very severe humanitarian crisis that’s occurring in Gaza right now. It supports the creation of a special coordinator for humanitarian aid into Gaza to increase the amount of aid. It is, according to a lot of critics, including many of the countries who supported the initial draft of the resolution, and U.N. Secretary-General Guterres, it’s not sufficient for the severity of the crisis, but I do think it – we can say it does improve the situation slightly. RASCOE: Can you talk to me about that criticism, and do you feel that it was watered down to get the U.S. on board? And what does that watering down mean for the situation on the ground? DUSS: Yeah. I mean, it was watered down in a number of ways. First off, because the overwhelming majority of countries in the United Nations support an immediate cease-fire. The U.S. vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution to that effect recently, and the initial draft of this resolution created a mechanism by which the U.N. would be the main inspector of aid going into Gaza, which hopefully would vastly increase the amount of aid […]

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