Urban Agriculture in the United States: Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Urban Agriculture in the United States: Revitalizing Neighborhoods – Image 1 of 6 The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) accounts for over one-tenth of the global population, approximately 800 million people , practicing urban agriculture worldwide. In the United States , millions of citizens lack access to supermarkets . Urban farmers play a crucial role in addressing food security issues in American cities. Historically, the distance between rural and urban areas has never been greater, making traditionally rural food sources widely inaccessible. Cities initially would develop around centralized markets that brought produce from farmlands to urban centers. Today, urban agriculture is revitalizing this connection between city dwellers and agricultural products. Agripolis, Paris. Image Courtesy of Valode & Pistre Architectes Atlav AJN Urban Farming Office / VTN Architects. Image © Hiroyuki Oki Modular Vertical Urban Farms on the Streets of Brooklyn. Image Courtesy of Framlab A Guy, his Bulldog, a Vegetable Garden, and the Home they Share / Husos Architects. Image © José Hevia + 1 Urban farming, also known as urban agriculture, brings the cultivation of plants and the raising of animals in and around urban environments. Traditionally a rural activity, the increased adoption of farming techniques in urban areas stems from technological advancements in agriculture coupled with the need for more sustainable production and consumption methods. The typical urban dweller today has little understanding of where or how food is produced and distributed. Urban farming allows citizens to be closer to the production of food, and even active participants. Related Article How to Use Vertical Farming for Sustainable Living In the United States , urban farming has historical roots dating back to the colonial era. Settlers initially introduced the idea , and as cities expanded home food gardens adapted to maximize produce in minimal space. In the […]

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