US and Britain strike Yemen in reprisal for Houthi attacks on shipping

The United States and Britain on Thursday defended as legal under international law military strikes carried out against the Houthis in retaliation for the Yemeni group’s attacks on ships. Updated: JANUARY 13, 2024 01:24 A man holds up a gun, as Houthi supporters rally to commemorate ten Houthi fighters killed by the US Navy in the Red Sea, in Sanaa, Yemen January 5, 2024 US and British warplanes, ships, and submarines launched dozens of air strikes across Yemen against Houthi forces in retaliation for months of attacks on Red Sea shipping that the Iran-backed fighters cast as a response to the war in Gaza. Witnesses confirmed explosions at military bases near airports in the capital Sanaa and Yemen’s third city Taiz, a naval base at Yemen’s main Red Sea port Hodeidah, and military sites in the coastal Hajjah governorate. “These targeted strikes are a clear message that the United States and our partners will not tolerate attacks on our personnel or allow hostile actors to imperil freedom of navigation,” US President Joe Biden said. White House spokesperson John Kirby said the strikes in the early hours of Friday had targeted the Houthis’ ability to store, launch, and guide missiles or drones. The Pentagon said the US-British assault reduced the Houthis’ capacity to launch attacks , especially complex operations such as those they carried out earlier in the week. A HOUTHI TERRORIST guards the deck of the ‘Galaxy Leader’ cargo ship in the Red Sea last month. (credit: Houthis/via Reuters) The US military said 60 targets in 28 locations had been hit, using more than 150 munitions. “I know we have degraded (their) capability,” US Lieutenant General Douglas Sims told a media briefing. “I don’t believe that they would be able to execute the same way they did the other […]

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By Donato