Wealthiest People in the United States (April 17, 2023)

As of April 17 , 2023, Elon Musk was the w ealthie st person in the United States, with an estimated net worth of 187.9 billion U.S. dollars , followed by Jeff Bezos (No. 2, $125.6 billion), Larry Ellison (No. 3, $120.3 billion); and Warren Buffett (No. 4, $113.8 billion).

Bill Gates is the fifth-richest person in the United States, with a whopping $110.2 billion. Michael Bloomberg ranked 6th with a personal wealth of $94.5 billion, followed by Larry Page with $93.5 billion. Steve Ballmer is placed 8th with a net worth of $90.2 billion. Sergey Brin ($89.5 billion) occupied […]

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By Donato