Week in politics: Biden calls Israel's bombing 'indiscriminate,' Zelenskyy in the U.S.

We look at President Biden’s use of the word “indiscriminate” to describe Israel’s bombing in Gaza, as well as the ongoing quest by some House Republicans to impeach him. SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Reports of Israel’s use of so-called dumb bombs, or bombs that are unguided and less accurate, again raise questions about that use of force in a war that began after Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7. Then on Tuesday, President Biden said that though the U.S. and EU supported Israel, quote, “they’re starting to lose that support by indiscriminate bombing that takes place.” Ron Elving joins us. Ron, thanks so much for being with us. RON ELVING, BYLINE: Good to be with you, Scott. SIMON: The president went on to tell campaign donors that support for Israel was eroding. Was this a jolt to the Israeli government? ELVING: Yes, a plea and a warning to the Israeli government – Biden is saying, we support you, but we don’t support every decision you make. Bibi Netanyahu knows he’s at odds with the European Union and the United Nations and others, but it matters far more to his immediate lifeline to keep the United States on board. On the other hand, Netanyahu’s avowed mission is destroying Hamas – not just punishing them but destroying them. And he has warned this will take months, as Kat was just telling us. Biden is saying that’s a problem. He’s saying you can spend five years or 10 years, as the U.S. did in Iraq, or 20 as the U.S. did in Afghanistan. But you reach a point of diminishing returns, and then your original mission becomes something else entirely. SIMON: The next day, White House press secretary John Kirby seemed to tamp down the president’s words. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) JOHN […]

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