What Job Or Repair Turned Out Way Easier Than Expected? It’s Wrenching Wednesday!

Replacing the timing belt and water pump on my old ’93 Maxima with the VG30E engine was surprisingly easy for a FWD car. After removing the right-hand engine top mount, there was plenty of room to do this job and I think it took less than 4 hours from start to finish. Replacing the transmission is a whole other story, though. Pushrod tube seals on a ’62 Corvair. Worst part was actually removing the sheetmetal pans under the engine without damaging the near irreplaceable extractor vent bellows. A Chevy valve lifter removal tool pulled the tubes in a jiffy and the new Viton “o” rings slipped right on. Cold resetting the valve lash is a bit tedious but not hard. Tbird 3 hours ago Reply to Tbird Fascinating old school engineering on this car. There are vents that open to help extract hot air from under the air cooled motor as temps rise. They are controlled by sealed brass bellows with alcohol inside. As it warms, the alcohol expands, opening the bellows and opening the louvers by pushrod. Still cannot believe that some carb and choke adjustments are literally made by bending the actuating rods. We are spoiled by modern cars. Last edited 3 hours ago by Tbird 04 Taurus power steering pump. Manual said drain coolant and remove coolant bottle and some other shit. Nope. Just remove passenger side headlight with 3 bolts I think, and you can reach everything. And even have room to use the pulley remover/installer. Kuruza 4 hours ago Replacing the rear air springs on my E39 540i wagon. I did it some years ago with the help of my dad and a neighbor but the extra hands quickly proved superfluous. It was really a one-person job, but having others to locate things from […]

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By Donato