What kind of weapons are the US and UK using to strike Yemen’s Houthis?

CNN — After repeated warnings, United States and British forces have followed through on threats to retaliate against Iran-backed Houthi rebels for their attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea. Under the cover of darkness they launched missiles and bombs on targets in Yemen from air and sea overnight Friday. Here’s what we know about the weapons and military hardware employed by the US and the UK. Tomahawk missiles The guided-missile destroyer USS Barry launches a Tomahawk cruise missile in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn March 29, 2011. The US Navy’s Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM) are low-flying cruise missiles capable of delivering a 1,000-pound conventional warhead hundreds of miles inland. Launched from either surface ships or submarines, Tomahawks fly at subsonic speeds on “evasive” or non-linear routes that can beat air defense systems, according to a US Navy fact sheet. The Tomahawks are highly accurate, and as they are GPS-guided, they can change targets or courses after launch depending upon needs, it says. The “missile is capable of loitering over a target area in order to respond to emerging targets or, with its on-board camera, provide battle damage information to warfighting commanders,” the fact sheet says. The US first used Tomahawks in combat in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm against the forces of then-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and they’ve been used in several other conflicts since. Guided-missile submarine USS Florida The guided missile submarine USS Florida transits the Suez Canal in Egypt on April 7, 2023. The submarine USS Florida is one of four nuclear-powered guided-missile submarines (SSGNs) in the US Navy fleet. Originally an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine – which carry nuclear warheads – the Florida and its sister boats USS Ohio, USS Michigan and USS Georgia, were converted to guided-missile subs between 2005 and 2007, […]

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