You want to break into the video game industry? Here’s how

Riot Games employees enter the game company’s Los Angeles headquarters. Launching a career in California’s booming video game industry can feel daunting for recent graduates or mid-career professionals looking to shift into a new job. But there is plenty of room to break into the business in the Golden State, home to the largest number of video game companies in the nation, according to the Entertainment Software Assn. trade group. More than 700 game companies operate throughout California, the group’s database shows — about 200 of them in the greater Los Angeles region, including industry giants Activision , Blizzard and Riot Games , as well as popular studios like “ The Last of Us ” developer Naughty Dog. At least three varsity esports teams also call the state home. “It’s kind of a gaming development mecca, between Silicon Beach and the proximity to the movie studios,” said Jim Huntley, an associate professor at the top-ranked USC Games program. “There’s just so much opportunity within this geographic region.” Although the game industry has corrected its course following breakneck pandemic growth — nearly 10,000 video game workers have been laid off globally since January 2023, including hundreds at California-based companies, industry estimates show — experts said they felt optimistic that 2024 would prove a better year for job seekers, though it would probably remain an employer’s market. The massive business is only expected to get bigger. The global games market was forecast to generate $184 billion in 2023 — up 0.6% from the previous year, Amsterdam-based industry tracker Newzoo said — and is projected to grow to $205.7 billion by 2026. Advertisement “Even though the games industry and developer community was affected by the layoffs, we’re hearing that now they are looking at what their slates are going to look like […]

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