Americans increasingly see border as crisis, call for tougher measures, CBS News poll finds

Americans are increasingly concerned about the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, and the percentage who think the Biden administration should be tougher on immigrants trying to cross it is up to the highest percentage yet. Most say the border situation is very serious, and nearly half now say it’s a crisis — up from May — a change in sentiment driven primarily by Democrats and independents. As a result, President Biden’s approval on handing the U.S.-Mexico border has also dropped, and his approval on handling immigration in general is at an all-time low, though it hasn’t dragged down his overall approval rating. Support for transporting migrants to northern cities has also dipped — among Democrats and Republicans — and now, most Americans disapprove of the practice. Americans show concern across partisan lines about resources and the ability of the U.S. to handle more people. But while Democrats express more concern about the lives and well being of the migrants, Republicans express more concern about national security. Many Americans, particularly those living in cities, report an increase in the number of immigrants arriving in their local area, and those who do are the most likely to view the situation as a crisis. Meanwhile, the practice of southern border states sending migrants to northern cities and states is facing increasing disapproval — particularly in the Northeast. In May, the country was evenly divided on this, but now a majority disapprove. Approval is down even among Republicans, about half of whom now disapprove of the practice. Some of this difference is regional: most Republicans in the southern and western states from where the migrants are being sent approve, while most Republicans in the Midwest and Northeast — where the migrants are being sent — disapprove. Most Americans also oppose providing temporary housing […]

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By Donato