Donald Trump is on the hook for $88.3 million in defamation damages. What happens next?

NEW YORK (AP) — For years, Donald Trump hurled insults at E. Jean Carroll , saying the advice columnist fabricated a sexual assault allegation against him to sell a book. Will Trump keep that up, now that he’s been hit with a $83.3 million defamation judgment? A jury on Friday found that Trump had maliciously damaged Carroll’s reputation in 2019 after she went public with her accusations. Jurors awarded her $18 million to compensate for the personal harm she experienced, then added $65 million more to punish Trump — and maybe prevent him from continuing to go after her on social media. A different jury concluded last May that Trump was responsible for sexually abusing Carroll in a Manhattan department store dressing room in 1996. Those jurors awarded Carroll $5 million. If both judgments stand, Trump would owe her a total of $88.3 million. Trump and his lawyers have […]

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By Donato