Formula 1 Goes All-in on Its Future in the United States

Formula 1 put out all the stops for its inaugural Grand Prix Las Vegas last November, with more than 315,000 people attending the race weekend. For the longest time, the U.S. has largely kept the Eurocentric motorsport Formula 1 at arm’s length. The last American Formula 1 driver was Alexander Rossi’s brief stint in 2015; the only two U.S. wins are Italian-born American Mario Andretti in 1968 for Lotus and American-born Phil Hill in 1961 for Ferrari . Since Formula 1’s ownership was bought by Colorado-based Liberty Media Corporation in 2016, the sport has gained exponential popularity growth among a younger and more globalized audience. The resurgence of interest has been thanks to its mass visibility on social media and the Netflix docudrama “Drive to Survive” — now going into its sixth season, sources told WWD that the series is expected to return in the first quarter of 2024. Related Articles Unlike many sports, most Formula 1 fans do not attend its 23 in-person races; Salesforce reported that only 1 percent of fans can attend. To that end, fans’ engagement in the sport mainly lies with other avenues such as “television, mobile, watch parties, live content, driver stat stacks and replays”; emphasizing the importance of maintaining a relevant digital Formula 1 experience. The streaming giant released a report at the end of 2023 titled, “What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report,” and found that viewers watched about 90.2 million hours of the show’s fifth season during a six-month watch period from January to June. And the biggest growth in Formula 1’s demographics is women — although this demographic remains an underappreciated and untapped segment, the tides are slowly changing. Salesforce data reported that a third of Formula 1’s 500 million fans are new from the last four years, with […]

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By Donato