How cold is it going to get today? See where record-low temperatures will hit during the winter storm

A blast of frigid Arctic air traveling southward from Canada has forced temperatures down to record lows across the U.S., causing a dangerous range of winter storm weather that impacted huge sections of the country over the weekend. The low temperates are continuing to run their course today. How cold it will be varies by region, and forecasters have warned that conditions could get worse in some places later this week. The storm that already blanketed parts of the Midwest, Great Plains and Northeast with snow on Saturday and Sunday was driving “dangerously cold temperatures” in much of the U.S.” as it moved east on Monday, “with new records expected to be tied or broken,” the National Weather Service said in an advisory issued after midnight. Snow was developing quickly over a number of states as the storm moved through the middle of the country toward the Northeast, with meteorologists reporting snowfall rates that occasionally approached 1 inch per hour on Monday afternoon. Record snowfall, freezing rain Snow and freezing rain were forecasted to continue in southern states, such as Texas , before spreading over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast through Tuesday, hitting Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York. The weather service bureau in Philadelphia said it was expecting the incoming snowfall to break a 714-day record stretch without at least an inch of snow in the city. Heavy snowfall was ongoing Monday in the Great Lakes, interrupting travel and, in places like Chicago, forcing school closures as wind chills dropped to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Meteorologists said the most significant snowfall would happen over northern Michigan and western upstate New York, including Buffalo, and advised communities to brace for ongoing hazards through Wednesday. 11:52am CST #SPC_MD 0069 , #tnwx #alwx , The first of two freezing Arctic blasts […]

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