In 2024, the US Southern Border is Everywhere

Border crossings along the US-Mexico border reached a record high last month, overwhelming resources in border communities and adding urgency to immigration reform negotiations on Capitol Hill. While migrant encounters have dropped in recent days, the issue will remain a lively political issue as presidential primaries get underway and House Republicans begin impeachment proceedings against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. In this episode, we examine the reality on the ground and hear how the impacts of policies in Texas are being felt in communities across the country. Guest: Ed Lavandera, CNN Senior National Correspondent Episode Transcript 00:00:03 ‘When we talk about the migration issue at the US-Mexico border, it can feel kind of nebulous, distant, right? If you don’t live in one of the states on the border, it can sometimes feel like somebody else’s problem. Well, over the past year, that has really started to change. NYC Official What’s happening right now is, is is bonkers. It is really what Texas is doing is bonkers. 00:00:26 ‘Republican governors like Texass Greg Abbott have transported tens of thousands of migrants to so-called blue cities like New York City. And now some of those cities are being overwhelmed by that influx of new migrant arrivals. 00:00:40 Nearly 3000 migrants are sleeping on floors of police stations and airports. 00:00:45 Tension is flaring between Illinois leaders and the white House for more help. Official 00:00:50 When we have every single hotel room in the city full of migrants that have arrived, that’s unsustainable. 00:00:55 Border officials say that is just a taste of what is happening on the ground in places like Texas and Arizona. So as lawmakers get together in Washington to try to hash out a fix, do the solutions actually need to stretch nationwide? I guess this […]

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