OpenAI ousts Sam Altman, Microsoft picks him up, and the future of your ChatGPT experience is in flux

(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff) Update 11-20-20-2023: Late Sunday, that former CEO Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and “colleagues” are joining . Nadella also insisted that the company remains committed to the OpenAI partnership while using Altman and co. to lead Microsoft’s “new advanced AI research firm.” Most of this reinforced what I wrote below: this shakeup will impact the future of your experience with and AI writ large. How well Microsoft and OpenAI can continue working together while many of the people who built the GPT LLM and forged that relationship are suddenly sitting within Microsoft remains to be seen. 2024 should be interesting. I wonder if ChatGPT has any answers… RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU… Tech Radar As I write this, Sam Altman , the non-profit artificial intelligence factory responsible for developing what is arguably the world’s most popular AI , , and AI image generation platform . […]

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By Donato